Stress Less and Achieve More

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Growth and Development

In this dynamic and energetic environment, full of information, media and competition, it is only human to get stifled, anxious and stressed out to try and keep up in this productivity race.

It is all about deadlines, service delivery and profit optimisation which is our basal code for success.

However, one thing we fail to realise is the toll this ‘capitalistic’ mode takes on our bodies and health.

Why are we so driven to achieve and succeed? Well, other than keep that ‘job’ or get that promotion, the human race innately desires to rise, defeat and conquer. It is status, it is praise and admiration and the desire to attain wealth, power and recognition. It is SELF ESTEEM, it is EGO.

So to cut to crux of the issue, I would like to bring up one of my very first lessons in Psychology – the “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” which states that our basic needs like thirst and hunger need to be met before we start climbing the ranks of the hierarchy.

Then follows safety and security which is simply a roof over our heads and a sense of secure familiarity with people and places. Thereafter comes our need for knowledge and a sense of belonging which is the place most of us find ourselves in today. But this is also the place most of us get stuck!!

We tend to get carried away in a cycle driven on maximum performance which leads to anxiety and pressure just to maintain ‘face in the race’.

This is where the human body starts working against itself. I find in particular any kind of ‘deliberate striving’ unhealthy. It becomes technically inefficient and the human immune system begins to suffer and break down, which inevitably leads to sickness and disease.

By ‘striving’ I do not mean the desire to achieve and succeed, but rather the forced effort that doesn’t come from the heart but instead a very dry place. That dry place say’s “I don’t have a choice, I don’t want to do this, but I have to” which is ultimately negative.

And if you find yourself saying: “I don’t have a choice”, you probably don’t, not out of circumstance but out of mentality.

Unfortunately too many people realise far too late that they have strived in vain, because they were ultimately chasing a lost cause, not that which comes from a true heart perspective of divine purpose!

Now when you get to this realisation you start making better choices akin to the passion that drives you within. Yes, strip away the status and the money and ask the question is this your ‘Life’s Calling’?

At this point you verge on moving into true self actualisation in every sense of the word. I must add when this starts happening, the need to collaborate becomes stronger than the need to compete! And people can start functioning as well fueled individuals holistically.

Ultimately the human genome has been constructed towards growth and development, so until this changes, the question now arises: Will you allow yourself to grow in every dimension of mind, body and spirit or are you going to sacrifice one at the expense of the other?

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