Sleeping Soundly and the Conscious Mind

Sleep is Good

Healthy Rest Cycle

Why do some people struggle to sleep and get the well needed rest they need to live up to their full potential? “Stress”, you may say? Well yes, that is a reason, but stress is actually a symptom, and not the cause.

I believe it is the never ceasing conflict in the mind that gives rise to a poor night’s rest. There is a battle of ego, will and emotions and nothing stirs the conscious mind more than guilt and denial and the other negative emotions like bitterness and resentment.

How do you know if you are suffering? Well, your mind doesn’t switch off, it is in a state of continuous strife and argument. Consciously you are not addressing an issue which plays out in your mind as you try to fall asleep. Why did that person say and do that, why is this situation so unfair and how you don’t deserve this experience. How am I going to make this work / pay off that debt?

To be fair, with the constant banter that you allow to take place in your mind, like a real ‘live’ war, it becomes hard to hear or see the answers. Therefore you need to get to place of calm and quiet.

Start by accepting where you are in your current situation truthfully. Accept where you have been wrong and played a part in a particular sensitive issue, relationship or problem.

Ultimately guilt will only eat away at you until you acknowledge your involvement in the matter and once you do, you realise through acceptance you have the ability to now take authority and responsibility.

Don’t play the victim and push this onto something or someone else but rather take the reigns back and start making empowered decisions and hence thinking.

It’s amazing but when you do this you obliterate a negative thinking pattern and the energy / emotion changes. The mind starts rolling in a positive direction, starts seeing the benefits, good and growth that have come out of certain challenges.

And of course you cannot deny the power of forgiveness, where someone has disappointed you, hurt you or treated you unfairly. There is nothing so soothing on the mind and conscious than forgiveness. When you do you are actually saying in effect I forgive myself and that my friend, is healing!

The true key to a good night’s sleep is a clear conscious.

In this quick fix world of popping pills to take away the pain temporarily rather than addressing the root cause, many people walk around in confusion not understanding why a problem seems to persist.

It is because materially speaking it is impossible to address the very deep issues of the heart. And although the mind, the soul and emotions are not tangible they are so real that they have the power to make us or break us.

When people start becoming more aware of these facts through conviction and faith, the road to recovery is near. Prayer and positive heart / mind speak work wonders. This becomes alot easier when you are thankful. Good thoughts give rise to good outcomes.

My wish is that more people get back to this truth and start practicing healthy and wholesome heart and mindsets!


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