Choosing An Ideal Wedding Gown

A ‘Wedding Gown Search’ begins by paging through Bridal Magazines, followed by Internet Research and finally trying on a number of dresses in special Wedding Boutiques. It can be a time consuming operation and so in order to make your experience slightly easier, I have covered a number of silhouettes which can give you a better understanding of body / style suitability. I hope to inspire the ‘Princess’ within so that walking down the isle will feel like a ‘walk in the park’.

Do you want to appear more slender?

A high waistline, such as an empire waist, helps to give the illusion of height as well as making you appear slimmer.

Details around the hemline and neckline, such as embroidery or bead-work, will draw the eye up and down the dress, making you look more slender.

How to enhance a straight frame with curves?

Richer fabrics such as satin or velvet help to add curves in all the right places. You could also opt for a wedding dress with a gathered waist, a wider bodice with narrow sleeves. Draping and gathering are good techniques to employ in the process.

Do you want to look slimmer?

As well as the Empire Waist-Line you could try a Princess Style Gown or an A-Line Wedding Dress. These are all very complementary styles to most frames and physiques.

How to cover wide hips?

Try a Flared or A-line Skirt with a matching Bodice. You will also want to select a gown with beautiful Bodice Details such as embroidery and beading to draw the viewer’s eye up and away from your hip area.

What about the Straight and Tall Frame?

Sheath and Ball Gown styles are good choices for a very slender bride.



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