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Summer is in full swing – only hampered by the fact that the festive season tends to leave its marks, usually in the shape of sluggish skin, a tired metabolism and a few pounds too many. Hitting the gym helps of course, but for those who need a quick detox to be beach-ready in a flash, the award-winning Spa at The Twelve Apostles offers the perfect one-stop solution.

Says newly appointed Spa Manager Joanne de Wet: ‘Our body is a temple – but treating it as such is not always easy. Poor eating habits, stress, pent up emotions, too much sugar, salt, caffeine, lack of sleep and environmental influences all play havoc with our internal system, leading to disrupted PH levels, bloating, constipation, a sluggish metabolism and tiredness. The only effective way to combat these symptoms is to eliminate the causes, which works by detoxifying the body by exercising, daily skin brushing, drinking enough water and following a healthy diet. In addition, a proper detox several times a year is considered to be a healthy wake-up call for the body. To kick-start your detox, book yourself into The Spa at The Twelve Apostles for one – or several – of our recommended treatments!’

Spa Rasul


Start off your detox with a Traditional Arabic Rasul (30min/R250, 60min/R500), a relaxing skin-smoothing self-treatment which blends mineral rich mud, steam and heat to provide an experience that cleanses, releases toxins and rejuvenates. The self-applied mud hardens in dry heat, allowing the skin to draw out impurities from the body. As the mud softens again, its beneficial ingredients and natural minerals are then further absorbed by the body.

A B|Africa Herbal Salt or Sugar Full Body Exfoliation (30min/R 365) invigorates the skin by eliminating excess surface skin cells, leaving it soft, nourished and ready to absorb nutrients. B|Africa is the exclusive signature range of products and treatments of all Red Carnation Hotel Collection South Africa Spas. Inspired by nature and named in honour of the founder and president of Red Carnation, Bea Tollman, the B|Africa products combine indigenous African plant extracts with natural resources of the sea.

The Elemis Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap: Cellulite Detox Wrap (75 min/R790) meanwhile is a veritable power cocktail for the body – a combination of seaweed and essential oils in a detoxifying wrap that eliminates toxins, reduces fluid retention, re-mineralises the skin and improves blood circulation.

This streamlining wrap can be followed with a Lymph Drainage Massage (60min/R760) to boost the immune system, clear blockages, remove toxins, transport nutrients and increase blood flow and metabolism – all via a gentle, rhythmic, pumping and stretching massage in which the therapist controls the flow of lymph within the body. The movements direct the lymph fluid to the lymph nodes, where it is filtered and waste is removed.

Outdoors Spa Retreat


Alternatively, sea fans might want to consider the Twelve Apostles’ Absolute Beachfront Hot Lava Shell Massage (60 min/R900, 90min/R1050). This complete massage journey uses hands, arms and elbows and incorporates the self-heating technology of the Tiger Shell to allow a deeper massage all the way to the core of the muscle. The shells heat up and give off calcium ions when activated by natural ingredients, resulting in renewed, firmer skin with a healthy glow.

For those seeking last-minute results, nothing beats the Elemis Body Sculpting Cellulite and Colon Therapy (60min/R760) to redefine and smooth the silhouette. Elemis’ clinically proven Body Sculpting System is combined with a detoxifying birch and fennel peel-off mask and specialist abdominal, hip and thigh drainage massage techniques, to help with colon cleansing, smooth the appearance of cellulite, boost circulation and reduce fluid retention.

Another emergency treatment is The Spa’s Ionithermie Super Detox Slimming (60min/R790), a secret weapon in the fight of the dreaded orange peel effect. Known as Europe’s leading 5-in-1 body and figure corrective treatment, this body blitz works by introducing active ingredients into problem areas, resulting in a visible reduction in cellulite and firmed and toned skin. In addition it detoxifies and re-mineralises the body, reduces fluid retention, improves blood and lymph circulation, and raises energy levels – making it the perfect kick-start to a detox.

Last but not least, for a continued at-home detox and maintenance Joanne recommends The Spa’s B|Africa Eucalyptus and Black Pepper Body Balm (50ml/R145, 125ml/R255), a natural, botanical synergy of Shea and Mafura butter infused with Eucalyptus, Black Pepper and Marjoram for a warming effect and to aid poor circulation: ‘Warm a small amount of the balm in the palms of your hands, then gently apply a thin layer and massage using upward circular movements.’

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