Get Over Yourself and Improve Your Life

Sometimes I Feel


With regards to our emotions, we usually are habitually impulsive when taking things too personally.

Someone criticizes us, someone irritates, upsets or disappoints us and the ego cries “Woe is me!”. You have been taken advantage of once again and you say to yourself inwardly, “Well, I’ll show them…!!”.

Then think of the amount of time and energy you are investing into this pool of emotions and especially when it is run along pretty negative lines. It certainly doesn’t make you smile, instead it fills you with grief and internal loathing, because after all, we are so intrinsically involved with those around us, that really an outside reaction to another person is ultimately a reverberation of an inner state.

But these are part of ‘Life Lessons 101’ – getting over your egotistical state and penetrating ‘the real, the authentic’ part of who you are. Stripping away status, image and sense of entitlement and accessing that part of you that really knows, really feels and really understands truth because as we are in the beginning is as we are in the end – mere spirit.

So the question is how do we reign in these so called ‘justified’ moments of emotional turmoil? I believe we need to be speaking to ourselves inwardly, reminding ourselves, that every person alive right now has just as much right as you have to be here. Therefore find that level of acknowledgement and respect and honour yourself and others, not by putting them first, but by laying your EGO down.

For me this is personally a journey of trial and error, but when I sit back and start counting my blesssings, abilities and achievements I can truly say “Thank-you”, because when you start to learn this lesson, you start to grow in ways you never thought possible. To access such magic is truly a gift!

Therefore with a little patience and perseverence, we all have the ability to adjust our attitudes and improve our lives!!!

Get Over the Negative and Get Into the Positive


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