Bridesmaid Dresses

For all of those Brides to be and their besties, I have put together a shortlist of the most popular Bridesmaid silhouettes. In a nutshell this will give you an indication of which type of dress you and your Bridesmaid should choose!!! (No arguing now!!! ;))

Feminine flare!

The A-line:

This silhouette suits almost every figure and would be a good choice for most of the bridesmaids in your party.

This style works well in hiding larger hips and a fuller waist and accentuating your legs instead. The flow and flare of the style also makes it super comfortable.

It is one of the most well known styles and can easily be worn afterwards as a lovely cocktail dress!

If you are very slim or athletically built rather choose a flattering Empire or Ball Gown style to add definition and shape to your form.

Long and elegant!


The Empire:

This silhouette is also a popular choice to suit most of the bridesmaids. It is especially good for those with a fuller bust or waist, since the bodice is accentuated while the rest of the long dress flows loosely over the midriff and legs.

A petite bridesmaid who is short waisted will also benefit from this style since it elongates the waistline and makes her appear taller.

And for any pregnant bridesmaids, this loose fit is just the answer!!

If you have an hourglass shape rather choose either a Sheath, A-line or Ball Gown to better show off your curves and to create balance from top to toe.


So sophisticated!!

The Sheath:

If your bridesmaids are all very similar in shape and size, this silhouette will work.

For all those ladies with curvacious bodies, a form-fitting sheath dress will absolutely flatter. Be it plain or embellished, this type of dress will accentuate your body in all the right places.

A petite bridesmaid can create a longer silhouette with a simple column-style sheath dress too.

Ladies with apple or pear shapes or who are fuller figured should rather wear an Empire or A-line style to best compliment their bodies.

Glamour princess!


The Ball Gown:

This silhouette is very glamorous and will work well to make most bridesmaids look and feel like a princess, so long as the style doesn’t overshadow the Bride.

A bridesmaid with a curvy hourglass figure will look stunning in a strapless bodice ball gown with a full skirt and a cinched waist. An embellished neckline works well to draw the attention upward.

A slim or athletic lady will get full definition with the full skirt and form-fitting bodice of a Ball Gown. It will instantly highlight her waistline and give her a natural womanly shape.

What about a fuller bodied figure? Try a Ball Gown with a corseted waist or a tight-fitting two-piece which will highlight your torso and hide a fuller bottom.

Petite ladies should stay away from this silhoutte since it will only make them appear larger rather than showing off their pretty petite frames. The Empire, Sheath or A-line will be a better choice!

Modern chic!

The Fit and Flare:

This silhouette is a beautifully modern and chic style which suits pear, petite, hourglass and slim / athletic shapes.

It shows off your torso and arms and the tailored shape also draws attention to your legs!

For the straighter body it also helps in creating the illusion of curves! A fabulous choice for most bridesmaids and so on trend!





The Little Short Dress:

This little number is super sexy and to all of those bridesmaids wanting to show off their gorgeous legs or tiny frame, this is the one!!!

This strapless Little Short Dress is perfect for hot summer nights, and best worn on slim, athletic or petite figures.

If you have a hourglass shape you can also wear this dress but just make sure the style you choose flatters your curves!!


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